The number of the beast

“Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the Beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty-six”.

The possibility recently occurred to me that I am the workplace devil of my time. I am Anglo-Saxon, middle aged, somewhere near middle management, slightly overweight, although still with hair, male in the IT workforce. I also like watching sports and enjoy a beer for time to time. I’m pretty sure things couldn’t get worse for me. I am yet to check but I’m pretty sure the tattoo has appeared on my head.

I could now be the single most feared creature in the modern workforce application /promotion list, the Nero Caesar of our time. Recruitment agencies quiver when my resume arrives. Managers shake with fear at performance reviews. Sure I have experience and am good at my job but I tick none of the required boxes. I am the reason laws are enacted and demonstrations occur. I am workplace fear itself!

“White men come, across the sea, he brought us pain and misery”

So have I, the individual, cause such pain and misery that all this action is required. Is it in fact all my fault? Must I pay for the sins of my fathers? I was once told by an equally white, middle aged male that as far as he was concerned he was the most discriminated against person in the workforce. Is this true, it really doesn’t matter. The problem is that he believed it true. This belief, right or wrong, most certainly impacted his reality which impacted his thoughts and behaviours

“Fear of the dark”

I consider it somewhat sad in the year 2019 that the need for Affirmative Action has hit a record high of 65% in America. What on earth are the remaining 35% thinking? Potentially they are the white middle aged men like the male I mentioned before. So can we ever achieve 100% without getting these people actually on board? My guess is not.

“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.” – Narrator

Today’s music theme – Iron MaidenThe number of the beast, Run to the Hills


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