AA, what’s all this then?

“The dogs are talking”

I realised reviewing my last post that my position on things like diversity and affirmative action may not have been 100% clear. To be clear, I’m a supporter. There is a lot of debate about the benefits of such laws, I’ve put some links below for those interested, but I think they are both worthwhile and needed.

“It’s a fine line between pleasure and pain”

From what I’ve seen in today’s workplaces, which is mostly IT specific I should state, there is a need for greater diversity. Whilst some progress can be seen I still don’t see a great deal of diversity represented at management levels and even fewer at senior management levels. For me the balance still isn’t right and by the looks of it it’s not getting better. Refer here and here.

The question often asked is what if it impacted you. What if it stopped you getting the job you desperately wanted? Would it still be a good idea? For me yes. Would I be upset at not getting the job 100%. Would I be thinking it was fantastic at the time, maybe not. It’s natural to be disappointed if you don’t get something you wanted but it doesn’t mean I would stop believing in something that is important and is assisting bring balance to the workplace.

“It will be alright, it will be alright, it will be alright in the long run”

I had a rather intense ethics teacher earlier in life who when asked by a fellow student when affirmative action should stop answered never. I find this view fairly negative. It means she believed that we will never striking a balance. I personally prefer to think that a balance can achieved, well at least at some point in the next 10,000 years or so. Surely in a society that is globally connected things can, and will change, for the better.

Finally those who think technology through personnel selection might help with the following is worth a listen.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”Helen Keller




Today’s music theme – 80’s Australian – The Angel’s , The Divinyls , Red Gum


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