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Heading for Disaster Checklist

  • Requirements unclear – check
  • Tight time frames – check
  • Limited to no resources – check
  • Limited to no budget – check
  • Limited to no ownership – check
  • Limited to no governance – check
  • Completely unreal expectation – check
  • My problem – check

Still could be worse….

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The email

It begins like any other day a simple e-mail check.

From: Freddie the boss
Subject: PPQ Ltd Delivery
Body: Hi , can you look at the below for me. Its been with Steve for a couple of months but its not going anywhere. Can you drive it to completion, shouldn’t take much. The CIO wants this as a priority.


Early me: Wow what a time to shine, how good will this be.

Mid me: another disaster heading my way. Wonder how I avoid this one?

Late me: Who needs weekends any way.

Ummm where to from here…